Grove GKM-5130-1 (130 T all terrain crane)

The GMK 5130 came up after a huge success of GMK 5100, well known as a super stableand strong crane in its class. The 5130-1 shares similar dimensions with the 5100 but offers a longer boom and more counterweight. The GKM 5130 is designed with the ability to carry up to 11 T of counterweight on board. This gives you the ability to arrive onsite and set up and start working in an instant. An additional 29 T of counterweight can also be delivered onsite to allow the crane to operate to its full capacity. The crane is capable of lifting 130 T at 2.5 meters and 1.1 T at 68 meters radius.

  • Bi-fold swingaway, 11/18 m - with hydraulic offset and luffing under load 0° - 40°.
  • 12,9 m to 60,0 m, six section TWIN-LOCK boom. Maximum tip height: 63,0 m.
  • 4 hydraulically telescoping beams with vertical cylinders and outrigger pads with 5 width settings.
  • All wheels with independent hydro pneumatic suspension and hydraulic lockout. Longitudinal and transverse level control with automatic on-highway levelling system. Range +170 mm/-130 mm.
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